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Liner Notes: 

I got off to a very banjo-focused 50/90, and then I veered away to explore some other paths. (Still, of the 42 songs I've posted, 17 have banjo in them.)
So, here's a good ol' folk/bluegrass instrumental - banjo and acoustic guitar.

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Happy to see you back to that banjo! I never get tired of it, and this piece is so great to listen to!

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I like this. The rhythm guitar is quite propulsive. The banjo riffs and melody are keepers too!

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U banjo player u ... - had my gat in hand and noodled in penta2it ez. That’s ur sounde. Smile

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Always enjoy your banjo stuff, love this. Your style gives me banjo hope, coz ill never be a scruggs but you make me realise there are other ways.