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Liner Notes: 

Tuesday the 13th in the basement with the Catalytic Perverters. We are working on putting together a set list for a gig in September, but we get bored playing songs more than once and it is 50/90, so we end up taking breaks to quickly make up something new, if not fresh. This was one of those breaks. A quick improv with a smattering of social commentary. This is my interpretation of the argument of one side of the "debate." I hope no big retail chains sue me for this song. Should I say, "trigger warning"?


the second amendment says
we have the right to bear arms
so some people gotta die at Walmart

some people have to die
you must be anti-gun

some people have to die
anywhere in public
or are you anti-gun?

Don't tread on me!

young people have to die
it's the American way

God Bled the USA!

You'll never take my guns from me
you'd better take that thought and leave

the second amendment says
we have the right to bear arms
so some people have to die at Walmart

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SO very punk! the social commentary is spot on in its irony and lash out at the situation! Very good, it got me rocking out! This gig is gonna be FABULOUS

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Great punk tune here!
The pauses are really effective.
As a Canadian, I don't really understand the whole gun fetish thing,
Good thing Walmart got rid of violent video game advertising - that should solve the problem.
Yeah, such a great tune!