The day

The day

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Liner Notes: 

This song started in the UK, with @marvsmooth. He recorded the tenor ukulele on the first track of a 4-track recorder, and mailed the tape to @wobbie wobbit. Wobbie added a bass ukulele on track 2, and mailed the tape to @Vom Vorton, who recorded piano on track 3. The tape then made its way across the ocean to my hands in California.

I usually make instrumental songs, but I have a personal rule that if I receive a 4-track collaboration without vocals and I'm doing the last track, I'm doing vocals. So I wrote some lyrics and recorded this. I hope you all enjoy it, and thank you everyone for doing this amazing collaboration!


The day I saw you first
I fell in love for sure
I wanted to jump right in
Even if it was a bit premature

But in the middle of the night
You call me twice
And then you go away
In the middle of...

The day you went away
I lost my bus and crashed my stocks
I had a job interview
And I was wearing mismatched socks

You told me to be friends
You said the words I'm scared to hear
You made me cry again
Oh why oh why these words I fear?

But in the middle of the night
You call me twice
And then you go away
In the middle of...

The day I saw you again
You were not alone
That's when I realized
The love I felt was gone

You told me to be fine
There was another bus at 3
The stocks would soon be up
Finally set me free

But in the middle of the night
You call me twice
And then you go away
In the middle of...

Piano solo... Vom Vorton!
On the bass...Wobbie Wobbit!
Ukulele... Maaaaarv smooth!

But in the middle of the night
You call me twice
And then you go away
In the middle of the day

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Ahh this is so much fun! Great decision to sing! Love the charming lyrics, they fit so well with Marv's bouncy uke and Wobbie's wandering bassline!

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This is so cool. I love Wobbie’s uke bass, Vom’s wonderful jazz styling on piano, and that cracking vocal and great lyrics.

What a tune!

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you should do more songs with lyrics and vocals. this one is so much fun, the ukes and that old timey piano really drive it along, and i can hear how it must have inspired you to such a rollicking lyric

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This is adorable! Love the upbeat instrumentation and the jaunty vocal melody. That "in the middle of" lyric is perfect for what's happening with the bass line at that moment. I think my favorite bit is the solos with Elesimo introducing the members of the band.

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Ok yeah I dig this much!
So much fun is heard in the vocal delivery and your calling out the "band".
Great lyrics, great bounce to the music.
So cool that the track is a sum of all these different folks and locations.
Each part that is added plays so well with the prior track. And this end effort by you with the vocals was excellent - from the stuff I've heard of yours, I didn't know you sing.
Oy this was all around great!

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Oh dang, how did I miss this? Love the call outs, like seeing a live band Smile And great work you all - this really hangs together well!

Elesimo, nice to hear you singing and adding lyrics. It's really fun to see people stretching beyond what they normally would do.

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I love these 4 track collabs. So much fun! Glad vocals were added. Really made it extra wonderful. Some great parts. Has a fantastic fun vibe. Love those shout outs!

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this turned out lovely, was such a nice bouncy uke part from Marv to start with and fun to play my bass uke to, the piano fits right in there and i love the solo. all of it is polished off nicely with the vocals and yeah the shout outs really make it. nice one all Smile

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This is splendid - it has a timeless quality to it that could have been written at pretty much any time from the 1930s onwards. That descending last line of the chorus feeding in to the first line of the next verse is really, really catchy. The band introduction made me smile and I got some good laughs from the lyrics. Nicely done, folks!

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I like the combination of heartbreak and this cheerful, peppy tune. The ups and downs. Ha, love the band callouts.

And I always love the 4-track endings where you can hear the tape spinning and the "chunk" of turning the deck off.