Survival of the Hippest

Survival of the Hippest

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Liner Notes: 

This still needs better hammond work and proper structure, but I'm fairly happy how it turned up so far. I feel like there is a song in there just waiting to burst out of these feels.
I started by just playing one measure full of stuff and then copying that for a while; then I played all instruments jamming on top of the other instruments (all except bass, I think, or drums, obviously). I wanted to have a jam feel, like I was playing with a band.

Instruments used are:
Fender Squier Jazz (my fonk machine with pick-ups wired straight to jack),
Epiphone Explorer guitar,
Epiphone acoustic jumbo guitar,
setBfree Hammond,
drum machine samples (Samples from Mars)


Lyrics are welcome.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Fun sounds, love the organ groove. Nice mix too, everything is balanced nicely, with guitars supporting in general and rising to the surface as needed.

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very good. love all the different instruments and of course the hammond. i love the change around 2,20 nice stuff

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Had me with the first few notes AND the 'hammond' tag.
This IS a full song in my opinion, and the kind I personally love - I'm an instrumentals guy and this one checks all my boxes.
Great musicianship, quite cool instruments used, enough variation to keep the backing track for the Hammond's soloing interesting.
And mainly, it just sounds so good.
Great groove with the rhythm section.
Love to hear more stuff like this.
The more I listen, the more I love that change-up...SO smooth.
My humble opinion - this needs no lyrics, perfect as-is.
Had to watchlist you after this one.

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That name would have drawn me in, as it is so clever, even if the music was dull, and oh boy dull is nowhere near here. It's fun, experimental at times and never leaves us bored. This definitely survived.

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This has a peppy funk sort of vibe. Definitely an upper!