At The Chapel

At The Chapel

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At the Chapel

Em Bm Em Bm EmAm Em Bm
We are lonely, we are lost, we are left out of mystery

Em Am Em Bm Em Am Em
Forbidden fruit, death and beyond

Em Bm Am Bm EmBm
We are human don't know at all

Em Bm Am Bm
how to live without you

Em Am Bm AmBm F#dimEm Bm Em GmAm Em
we are lambs so far from home bereaved of heaven do we have someone?

Am Bm Em

Em Bm Am Bm EmBm
Are we real do we exist?

Em Bm Am Bm
Out this frail night where we are left.

EmAm Em BmEm Am Em
hating you before we love

Em Bm
yes we need you but we don't know

Em Am Bm Am Bm F#dimEm Bm Em GmAm Em
we are lambs that want to go home take us to heaven do we have someone?

Am Bm Em

Em Am Em Bm Em F#dimEm Bm Em GmAm Em
We are lambs so far from home take us to heaven here we we've got no one

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Looking at the lyrics...lonely, lost, left out of a mystery...pretty clear where this one is going. Forbidden fruit is unexpected and stands out along with death and beyond. How to live without you is key here, I think. I had to look up bereaved (to deprive by). The ooh is a little bit of a surprise and I can't wait to hear the audio on that part. Hating you before we love...very strong in many ways. Take us to heaven...yes, I get it and it's all good. Ok, I'm ready for the audio now....hold. Nice soft piano...good vocals...can clearly understand the lyrics...very strong vocals...we are human....we are far from home...nice piano....oooh part now...that works nicely....good melody....yes we need your...but we don't know...we are lambs we've got no one...ooooh....piano changeup now...sounds great...we are far from home...ok, the song is over. Yeah, I like it and has good lyrics and strong performance. The piano sounds really nice on this too. It's hard to focus on that with such strong vocals but I was able to notice that and thought it is a key part of your performance. Well done!

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I like the phrase "take us to heaven" and I like that you repeated it. Yeah, the lyric leads directly to the end. It's another very strong melody, with lots of held high notes that you sing very powerfully. I like the vibrato in your voice. It was good to hear a slower song from you, it's a good tempo/setting.

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I love the insightful poetry in these lyrics. A wonderful gothic feel to this song. Your vocals are so beautifully strong on this gorgeous melody.

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Powerful. Great voice and piano. A mournful call to the creator. Nice stuff.

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Great linear lyric. I write many songs without repeats or chorus - works well.