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Liner Notes: 

Klaus said: Cindy wrote these wonderfully rocking lyrics so I rocked a little bit. This is like a companion to the previous post of mine " Let It Roll" ( lyrics by @metalfoot ). The vocals are more relaxed and guitars more distorted. Some attempt was made to make it 70s glam rock. This one took a long time, at least 7 hours. Mostly because I didn't stick with my original simple by-the-book song structure and got these different ideas that I wanted to put in just for fun.

Thank you, Cindy, again, for this bodacious collaboration.


© 2019 Cindy Prince

Rain falling down
My tears too
I'm standing downtown
Don't know what to do

Wind blowing hard
I'm all alone
I'm your latest discard
And it hurts to the bone

Like blood and tears
Can't stop
This flood of fears

Lightning is flashing
My pain intense
As a wild surf crashing
I am spent

Like blood and tears
Can't stop
This flood of fears

I knew you had a reputation
Of love 'em and leave 'em
I thought we were different
You had me believin'
You had me believin'
You hade me believin'...

Like blood and tears
Can't stop
This flood of fears
Like blood and tears
Can't stop
This flood of fears

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OMG those are KISS guitars. With T-Rex vocals. ROCK. Smile Am I showing my age? Biggrin

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Whoa! This is amazing!! I like how the lyrics are right to the point. Great concise writing. And the chorus lyrics are a nice change up from the verses. I love the hard delivery...and your musical choices. The chorus explodes! And the bridge is cool. Very sneaky surprise about halfway thru...like a time warp! What a rockin' song!

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im with kristi on this. i love it when the song fades out and then comes back with the suffragette city quote. fantastically rockin production and your vocals are a notch above

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I was thrilled to hear what you did with this and BAM! Rocking out and that chorus Pow! Thanks for this!

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Wow! That rocks ... and then rocks some more! Love the drop out after "had me believin'". The main riff is great and your vocals have real bite in this one.

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Oh yeah

what a great straight to the point lyric
and the vocal delivery is no messin, BAM
loved the wham bam thank you mam

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YEAH this is awesome. Supercool and wonderfull rock groove. Great collab

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Love the high guitar playing the main riff during the "lightning is flashing.." bit. All the riffs and melodies from the bass and guitars sound great.
I like the use of the musical change-up, then back to the jam. Makes the return of the jam more impactful.
Sounds great, man.
Intense lyrics by Cindy and I think this musical pairing was perfect for them.

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Incredible, I totally got the Glam vibe. the chorus are infectious and the verses are great. Good job

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First, before I even get started I wanted to state that a Klaus and cindyrella Collaboration is very exciting! I have much respect for both of these great songwriters

Looking at the lyrics...Wow, the first verse reminds me of a good friend that I just recently got reconnected via Facebook. I'll skip the details and keep going. v2 definitely unfolds what has happened. Chorus now...strong connection with the verses and simplifies everything is a very visual yet easy way...nice. The next part has the lightning and surf crash...again, very visual. The next section nails it completely. Funny how we know it's dangerous but tend to take chances anyway. In this case only to get shafted, perhaps once again. Chorus and out...ok. Very nice Cindy. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Big 70s guitar...drums...nice groove... a little bit of bass...vocals now...sounds good...second guitar now...sounds good...chorus...sounds great...love that drum solo...guitar hook fills again...sounds good. Chorus again...very strong...last verse now...you had me believing....guitars....ending bend on the whammy bar...wham bam thank you mam...oh yes...didn't expect that at all...very nice...drops...can't stop the flood of tears....I think it's over but you never know...ok, that's it. Wow, Klaus I did not expect that at all. There is nothing you can't do with music...excellent work on this. You and Cindy really nailed this one. You have a good eye for finding songs Klaus and I like everything you do with music. Also, you happen to be somebody I like quite a bit too. You did contribute to my coming out of retirement from music and depression (rest of details skipped).

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Yeah this is out of the glam rock kit bag. A good set of lyrics nicely hammered home from the first beat

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Really great rockkin' track you folks got here.
Nice crunchy guitar.
Lovely active bass line.
Yeah, total 70's.
But in a good way...
That bridge is excellent.
Wonderful collab!!

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Grabs your attention with a dynamic Melody line, and that Guitar shrieks like lightning at just the right points. Lots of high voltage horsepower. to go with those equally Propelling Lyrics... Cindy. Pushing it hard you are. my smile is Biggering. Russ Smile

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I hear a bit of Alice Cooper too. Damn, this glam rocks! I don't know how you mimic a glam rock song so well, but you do it, and with extra Klaus flavor, which is a big plus! Great collab!

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Catchy melodic hook, the kind that gets stuck in my head. Great lyrics, Cindy!