Acadia Sail

Acadia Sail

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Liner Notes: 

I may be regretting my decision to not go to Maine this summer. I wanted today to be the day I figured out Absynth 5, but I got frustrated, so I went back to the much easier to figure out Alchemy and played around with the sounds.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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the opening strains remind me of the music they used to use to signify the arrival of indians in old cowboy movies. then the keyboards come in and its something else again, something undefinable. then the pow wow percussion rises in the mix to dominate, interesting track. i enjoyed it.

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Alchemy was (is?) wonderful. These are glorious sounds. I was so bummed that it got sold & bought. Enjoyed this thoroughly.

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Really cool piece of music. Although it didn't change a great deal it kept my attention to the end! Very good.

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I haven't played with Absynth at all. I might make that my next one... Mostly having fun with Massive at the moment.

This is great. The strings give it a real drive and the lead instrument (is it a zither?) really adds colour as well as melody. Nicely done.

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The ominous beginning gives way to this marvelous hopeful melody, that with its ever changing flows guide us to a wide array of emotions, to that certainty of hope until its more ethereal and painful edge. It ends determined like it was throughout. Very good!

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I like how you build the backing and the atmosphere before introducing the melody.
This is a pretty relaxing track for sure.
Wow, really great work here!