50902019081303 We Had It All

50902019081303 We Had It All

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Liner Notes: 

Been busy working and preparing for a festival gig. It went well. Now I have time to create some new stuff.


Vers 1
If you think of me at night
You can call me up, it’s all right
I will talk with you my friend
Hoping we’ll start over again

I believe we had it all
But the huse just started to fall
Into a sea of nothingness
I want you back, nevertheless

Vers 2
We could do the tings we used to
Don’t you know that I still love you
And sometimes I drive by where you live
And look at the spot where you said you had nothing more to give

I feel like I’ve been falling ever since
I was your king, now I’m a lonely prince
And now Im not in my element
You could say that it’s evident

Vers 3
You’re at your job every day
That’s how it is, what can I say
Not your highest dream, you know
All those assignmens are tearing your soul

Chorus II
I believe we could have it all
Give me a call, I’ll pick you up at the mall
Build a future on the rest
Never stand still, We’re on a quest


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love the lyric enjoyed reading it first
and the listen was fantastic
love the driving guitar here
this is an ear worm and has legs
great tone in your vocal
very very nice

great to hear you again
hope we can collab on something this 50/90


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Nice story, I like it, and it reminds me of things I've felt (if not the specifics, of course). I like the image of driving past the place the "nothing to give" conversation took place. I like the attitude, regretful, hopeful, not weak.

I like the guitar tone, a little overdrive and delay working nicely.

If I had one criticism I would suggest making the bridge a little more obviously different from the rest of the song?

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This is very climatic. I feel it could use an explosion though. I was feeling it was gonna have and explosion at some point. But, very good anyway and your voice is incredibly good.