My Guru

My Guru

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Liner Notes: 

I write a lot of my songs with the idea that I may want to perform them. This is one I'd really like to play in front of an audience.


My guru got a long white robe
All the lights in his house are strobe
Got a Bible on his coffee table
He quotes it but he thinks it’s mostly fable

My guru smokes a hookah pipe
Got a long black beard with one gray stripe
Taught me how to meditate for hours
In his garden filled with honeysuckle flowers

My guru says he’s just a man
Stumbling through a divine plan
Says I can only take you so far
And drop you off at the gate and there you are

My guru once worked for the government
All his pension he done spent
Now he lives off wits and luck
And the junk he collects in the back of his truck

My guru don’t yell but he’s quite profane
Takes any deity’s name in vain
Yet he loves them all fiercely and equally
And he sings about them way off-key

My guru clicks his long fingernails
On an old typewriter when he writes his tales
Says I can edit his autobiography
But only after he’s left for Vegas or Eternity

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I can just picture him! What a story, what joy to hear!

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That's a guru we're all waiting for. Living at the door. Open them for us. And then off to higher demands. A fine beatnik-post-whatever new age parody which summons a character we probably all can relate to. It's a song that nothing can go wrong with Lol

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Read the lyrics first an really liked the. The music didn't let it down, nicely delivered in your inimitable style.

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i like the form you have chosen for this song. a lot of jug band songs were written like this. its a bit like dylans buckets of rain. excellent portrait of a guru. you hit the nail on the head with each aspect of his personality. i enjoy your performance as well, and can see why you are itching to perform it live.

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OH I feel like Ive neglected meditation time. Thank you for reminding me. Great write and very nice performed.

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Really really great lyrics.
Lovely percussive guitar work, too.
Yeah, I bet this would go over well in front of an audience.
Excellent work!