Hound Dogs Under the Porch Blues

Hound Dogs Under the Porch Blues

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Liner Notes: 

I knew a guy who had several hound dogs and they always slept under his porch. This song is based on that. Needs some good old blues music.


Hound Dogs Under the Porch Blues
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Cup of moonshine in my hand
Rockin' chair movin' slow
Life is good most the time
When you got no place to go

Summertime's comin' on
A warm spell's already here
The only problem I got is
My dogs won't come outta there

I got the hound dogs under the porch blues
Those dang dogs won't move and inch
Only raw meat will make 'em flinch
All they wanna do every day is snooze
And I got the hound dog under the porch blues

Dogs howling sounds

Those hounds used to be my huntin' dogs
Now they couldn't even catch a fly
Those dogs ain't even all that old
I can't seem to figure out why

Repeat chorus

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Fun lyrics. Thinking about Elvis singing “Hound Dog.” Would love to hear some music, especially with a Blues song. Need to work on mine, too.

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This is very very beautiful and sad jet strong. Great image painted, I can almost see them, almost feel them. Lovely