You are the world to me

You are the world to me

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20 You are the world to me - 50/90 2019

Liner Notes: 

Another "just bloody pump out a song" day :P This was based on a Titular prompt this time, "without travelin'".


I won’t fly to Paris
And I won’t fly to Spain
I won't try paella
Nor sip on champagne
Broadway lights are far too bright
And London’s way too grey
I won’t be keen to see the sights
In Rio or LA

Cus you are my world
And you’re all I need
Wherever you are is where I wanna be
You are the earth
And you are the sea
You are the world
The world to me

I won’t ride a gondola
I won’t ride a sleigh
I won’t kiss an eskimo
Nor a guy from Bombay
I’ll never rest on Everest
Nor drink wine on the Rhine
I’ll never see the Wild West
Nor wander ancient shrines


I won’t climb the pyramids
I won’t hunt for whales
I won’t seek enlightenment
Nor find the holy grail
Yellowstone just makes me groan
The Nile ain’t my style
Stonehenge bores me to the bone
And Bali gives me bile

Chorus x3

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Love the vibes from this one. fun lyrics and the vocal melody remind of something from the 50's

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That style of music was always cheesy thats what made it! You've hit the genre spot on very entertaining

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its a laundry list, but one that to fun to listen. classic cabaret material. in the golden age of songwriting, you would be rich if your one a day pump outs were al this good.

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Love the rhymes in this, very well done and well weaved into a marvelous song, so nice to sing along and I love the sounds you make by the end like a trumphet. Very nice job as always.

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This has an amazing Tin Pan Alley vibe. And the conceit of "All the things I won't do for you" is a fantastic twist.