A Minute in 98

A Minute in 98

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Liner Notes: 

This is very much an experiment - trying out an odd time signature, 9/8.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Nice experiment. Lots of sections and sounds in a short piece. 9/8 is not so common signature in synth music ( maybe Tangerine Dream used it sometimes, can't remember... ). It adds a nervous and exciting feel to the music. I especially like when the piano and then strings come in. Maybe because they sound warm and pull things together in some way.

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this is a delightfully spazzicated cha cha. ir is so short though that by the time the dancers get oriented to the unusual beat, the song is over. extended mix, please.

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A fine experiment. I don't think I've done any 9/8. It's an interesting groove. Glad you pushed your boundaries a little on this. Keep it up it sounds good to me.

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Very cool, and a very catchy groove. I see what you meant (in the "Odd Meter Challenge thread) about the piano in the second half of this. You *definitely* need to do more with this time signature because you've clearly got something going on there.

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This is very cool. I also want an extended mix to dance to.

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Too short! All the suspense and then already over? Nice groove

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Well done. The unfamiliar time signature makes for some trippy syncopation. I would love to hear this as a longer piece.

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Super interesting and groovy! Worth extending if you're so inclined. I like the slightly woozy feeling of the 9/8. Cool mix of organic and electronic sounds.