No reason to go home

No reason to go home

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Liner Notes: 

This story is about refugees/people escaping on boats since Adam was a boy and those who love deeply enough to help them not to feel guilty about a passage to safety.


No reason to go home

The crowd had gathered outside the Hall
Storm clouds deep black clouds and rain that wouldn’t fall
Oiled touches seek a victim still alive
For a crime this crowd could not define

Jesse runs from street to street alone
Cobbled lanes can’t hide the brand now on his name
A doors flung open a girls standing on her own
There;s no reason she said no reason to go home

The cynics climb to the town hall clock
Like spiders crawling out from every single damp dark rock
And wait to pounce and tie down, their easy simple prey
She stroked his hair, upon the bed on which they lay

A mob in season seeks a sacrifice,
The fingers point away from the true source of the vice
A morale panic and rope tied pull tight and long
There’s no reason she said no reason to go home

Left to themselves they will each one alive
The thirst for blood hangs like fog in the darkest coldest night
The voice of reason has no chance to even break the chain
She stroked his hair upon the bed on which they lay

There is a boat she said, it sails at four,
She held him close and slipped him to shore,
The search continued until nearly the first light
While Jesse sailed on the rising tide

There no she said, no reason to go home
There no she said, no reason to go home

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Very moving. Excellent title/hook. Love the double guitar effect. Vocal did not disappoint. Good job!

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This is really lovely in so many ways. The lyrical portrayal and delivery is really nice. The guitar and progression does the song enormous justice. Enjoyed my listen.

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Your voice has a quality in which really reverberates the feelings it wants to convey, very beautiful and painful. It ornates perfectly the subject matter and brings to life the beautiful tortuous melody.