Iron Cupcake

Iron Cupcake

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Liner Notes: 

I was at work last week, and a few cubicles away there was a conversation. Blah, blah, blah, I wasn't listening. But then I heard the phrase "iron cupcake", which I'm sure is not what anyone actually said. But I decided it was worth writing down.

So I got out the cheesy 80's drum machine beat and matched that with a resonator guitar. OK. Maybe. Then accordion. And fake Rhodes piano. And I had a clangy noise I recorded with my phone, banging on a metal trash can. OK. That too.

OK. Here it is.


She's waiting to feel regret
she hasn't had one yet
roll down the window in the summer heat
a trail of smoke down the street

the past gets smaller and smaller
like a ship sinks over horizon
whichever side it lies on
soon to be forgotten

Iron cupcake don't look back
there's nothing she fakes
she got what it takes
she's the iron cupcake

it's not that she don't trust me
but she never wants to love me
if she doesn't get her way
she just turns and walks away

she dance like an angel
but not on the head of a pin
in the dim recall
of places I been

she left every single place
that girl don't put down roots
if there's one thing made for walkin
it's her dusty boots

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This is not what I was expecting from an "accordion" song. Color me pleasantly surprised. I lovely the lazy, noisy groove here and the low vocal. The melody is engaging amidst all that guitar and stuff. This song is the iron cupcake, if you ask me. I really like it

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Gosh that combination of instruments with the often drone-like effect of the accordion is really awesome in creating a bit of a powerful trippy song that draws my complete attention. Love how your lyrics paint such a vivid picture of this woman. Fantastic vocals!

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if an iron cupcake could talk, this would be the sound it makes.

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This was pretty freaking awesome. Some really interesting sound layering going on, and on top of that a really solid set of lyrics and melody.

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I came for the title and stayed for the awesome music.
Great headphone mix.
Lots of really nice noises here.
Yeah, this whole thing really hangs together nicely.
Super good tune you got here for sure!

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Interesting phrase for sure. I can't decide if she's the bravest girl on the planet, or the most afraid one...
I love all the different sounds, one thing in one ear, something else in the other. The twangy guitar?, is that what it is, in my left ear is the best! And of course, the accordion is the best instrument ever invented.