Bangs and Feathers

Bangs and Feathers

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Liner Notes: 

Coming over that radio at the mall on a Friday night.

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Yeah, I'm feeling it: the anxiety and social awkwardness as I show off my new perm on the way to the Orange Julius. Actually, this has a totally catchy relaxed vibe. Enjoyed

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Delightful and engaging with the catchy rhythm! I was nicely surprise by the joy of the high keyboard/synth dancing along a melody. It conveys a bit of a carefree whimsical feel that I really enjoy.

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this would make an excellent theme for a television series about mall rats directed by kevin smith.

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The tags made me click, and I was so happy I did...immediately.
This is my kind of stuff, I love every sound choice you used here.
Great playful melodies.
Wonderful vibes and brightness from that lead.
And the mellow laid back chill created with the nice beat and the bounciness of the bass, and then the cool chords...I dig it all.
I can see the neon signage, smell the pizza, hear the shoppers...

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Nice, it's like, vaporwave. That's what I like to hear! And I like the change of chords to the B section around the middle of the track.