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He leans in like he’s kind of nervous
Tries to be in the scene
Nobody speaking to him
Though he stands so close to the
Awkwardly blinks
Like he has something to add
But then wanders away
When they turn aside

He is Lonely
No one will call him up
The sidekick who can wait
Expendible and not
The one you want to be with
But you’ll let him hang around
He’s an acquaintance that you hardly know
But he supports you

He smiles at you
And listens in
To conversations that you have
Doesn’t seem to dream but has a lot to say
About the things you are doing now
He’ll clap for you and help fill the scene
He doesn’t bother anyone
But no deeper than a puddle
And you never give him time

It is a little strang
He’s your biggest fan
He has no where else to be
You wonder what he ever does
When he is not followimg

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I read the lyric while you were introducing the song. It's really nicely observed. I feel like this guy frequently, so this really spoke to me. I think you're onto something here

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Great observations and perspectives conveyed in this poignant character development. It does evoke loneliness but also perhaps conveys a sense of purpose. Well crafted.