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The weeds can wait
The lawn will grow
Time will roll on
And nobody knows

How long we have
Or what is the worth
Of a dandylion
Or the blooms of clover

Bees pollinate
They need the food
Seems times are changing
And They’re struggling
The native bee
How can it be?

People are keeping
All kinds of hives
Treating them like cattle
And sending them out

Gathering the gold
Like a commodity
The honey bee is not the same
As a native bee - with so many names.

4000 species
Vital to our food
Keeping plants alive
Dusting the blooms

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Looking at the lyrics...your very first line is exactly me as it is way too hot to be out there cleaning up the pine. How long we have is a key phrase in your song. Seems times are changing is another key phrase in your song. I use to know somebody who had some kind of bee farm so the hives line raised my eyebrows. Some cool visuals like gold and honey bees...cattle, and plants. the last section 4000 species vital to our food is very strong. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Can't see the video while I type but can clearly hear your intro...guitar now...the weeds can wait...time will roll on and nobody knows...can clearly understand the lyrics...bees pollinate...times are a changing...people are keeping all kinds of.....treating them like cattle and sending them out...honey bees is not the same as a ....bee....bees pollinate chorus...times are a changing...how can it be....nice job on the guitar and vocals...keeping plants alive and ....bloom....bees polinate (somebody in the room here tryng to talk to me)...how can it be. It's over now....nice song and great performance!

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Love the intro line. Great and powerfully written lyrics about a very important topic.
Heartfelt performance.