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Liner Notes: 

The first two lines came to me in my laundry room so I had to write it down. Anyone want to do a demo?


© 2019 Cindy Prince

I taste regret at the bottom of the bottle
Can't seem to climb up and over that rim
I make excuses, and I make up reasons
Whiskey is a lady by the name of Jim

I hate myself every morning after
But the enticement is stronger than me
I try to hide that I have a problem
I'd rather live in a drunken fantasy

It all started with her leavin'
I tried to fill the empty space
I know that's not a good reason
Why can't I drink away her face?

One glass
Two glass
Three glass

Others tried to coax me to AA
Sounded like a good idea at first
Until I had another dream of her
And woke up with a powerful thirst

Repeat chorus

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oh i love the hiding in a bottle songs. i have one in waiting! and this is a good one! some really nice rhymes here.

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Looking at the lyrics...yeah the whiskey line is excellent. Definitely, someone who realizes they have a drinking problem but would rather drink than not. The chorus is classic country. I don't know how you do it Cindy but you do it well. lol...funny bridge. Ah, the last section leads back to the reason he drinks. Very good write Cindy!