Coyote Lullaby

Coyote Lullaby

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The idea for this popped into my head after having a conversation about Stradivarius my cat who passed away this spring. Several years ago when we were living near a state park in Sleepy Hollow, a pack of coyotes moved into and started making a racket late at night. Strad got so upset by the sound that he would try to wake me and warn me of the danger by peeing on my head. I laugh about it now. Anyway, the story is funny, but the song is sincere, and I marked it as a favorite because I like the way it sounds, and because it reminds me of Strad in a very strange way that might only make sense in my head, but that's all that matters.


The moon is the cradle that rocks the sky
The insects the chorus in night's lullaby
The breeze is to ease your worry and fear
Coyotes are singing so sweet and clear

Coyote lullaby

The grass is the pillow to lay your head
The clouds up above are your feather down bed
The owl caresses the velvet sky
She adds her voice to night's lullaby

Coyote lullaby

The dark is the blanket that covers the nest
The stars watch over and help us rest
The rattlesnake wakes and she shakes with a sigh
Listen. Just listen to night's lullaby.

Coyotes lullaby

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this gorgeous lullabye evokes the big sky above the american plains. all those sleeping cowboys looking up at the stars. i lived in south dakota for awhile as a youngster and this song brings back memories of the black hills, the rattlesnakes, and all the outlaws buried at boot hill. your vocals are exceptional.

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Personal songs work more often and this does! I think we subconsciously just add a bit more of ourselves. Very pretty song and the harmonies are wonderful. Lovely song!

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Wow this is gorgeous! Especially love the howling element stoked from the coyote lullaby.

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Looking at the liner notes...I'm laughing too...sorry. I think that would definitely get my attention. Smile

Looking at the lyrics...Wow, i love the first beautiful and full of imagery. The moon is the cradle that rocks the sky...very nice. I like the oooooh too. And of course, the hook, coyote lullaby. the second verse reminds me of camping just simply a wonderful visual. The last verse is awesome too and I did not expect the rattlesnake shakes...nice touch to a powerful verse. Yes, I like this very much. Great job on this. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Piano intro....strings...very smooth and soft...vocals now...sounds great...can clearly understand the lyrics....oooooh....nice melody, especially on that part....oooooh...I like it a lot...coyote...harmony vocals now....grass....lay your head....ooooooh....very far the most catchy part of this tune...lyrics aside of course...coyotes lullaby...rattlesnake...oooooh...coyote's lullaby....ooooh...very nice...sounds timeless...or from a different time...ok, that's it. I liked it a lot. Great song and has the whole package....good lyrics and good demo. I enjoy it very much.

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What a pretty song! Beautiful vocals and those "ooohs" are perfect. A night lullaby that has some wonderful images in the lyric. Comforting and relaxing. Lovely music to bring it all together. Nicely done!

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Gorgeous lullaby, I love the instrumental backing and the vocals. Very soothing, loving and relaxing. Beautiful vocal harmonies. Very pretty and special song.

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I used to write lots of lullabies, but then the kids I wrote them for - my daughter, nieces and nephews - went and grew up.
Lovely, deligtfully haunting and soothing (as long as the coyotes and snakes are well outside the walls of your home) song. Angelic vocals, and I love how they are spread out.