Run & Hide

Run & Hide

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Liner Notes: 

While I haven't had tremendous output this 50/90, I've been writing consistently and working more on spending time with an idea and watching it evolve throughout the recording process. This is one of those endeavors. Glad to feel done with this one.


Verse 1
Pull me off the cement floor, i think i’m sober now
I’ve been sleeping now for 30 years, and i don’t want to rise again
Alcohol is just a metaphor for the hell i live with in
Don’t i look sophisticated aren’t everything you desire

Then i run and hide
It’s the only way I know
Takes everything i have
Not to implode
Then i run and hide

Bridge 1

Verse 2
Mid life, crisis stage, is there anything i can learn
Surrounded by incessant need from everyone that I know
You can’t blame them, their just as I, we barely getting by
Masochism, Narcissism, advantageous to no one else

Bridge 1
Bridge 2

Verse 3
Whats the point in calling shots, you’d never hear it anyway
While i ramble and wallow, I reap the lives that others sow
As I should, look where I’ve been, i could never rise above
The selfishness, the need for others, the cycle of intolerance

Bridge 1

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love the way the guitar comes in on the chorus and then goes wild, quite surprosing, especially the fisrt time through.

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Jazz swagger to the rhythm guitar, and then that electric oomph - more great guitar work from you! I like the slow-burn intensity, the wise-and-jaded vocal ... I love the whole presentation. Great, great song.

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Looking at the lyrics...pull me off the cement floor is very visual. Next we have the I think I'm sober now...which is very strong too. Sleeping now for 30 years is an acknowledgment of a serious problem that is being addressed and appears to be alcoholic. Then you have a follow up that the alcohol is not the real problem...quite powerful lyrics here. I actually can relate to this in ways I can't even talk about. Next is the chorus about the run and hide. Again, I can relate to this because I simply don't want to explain to another person my life story. The second verse, I actually had to look up incessant and Masochism (details skipped) but I think the bottom line in verse two is the mid-life crisis. The last verse is key to this message and it is about somebody who doesn't understand or simply doesn't want to whatever it in love, I don't know...the possibilities are wide open in my first impressions of the lyrics. Well done Brandon. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Guitar...vocals now...sounds good...sounds clear...can clearly understand the lyrics...nice groove and rhythm on the guitar. Changeup now...big lift...up and down the neck with added guitar solo...that's cool...vocals again now...barely getting by....there that guitar up and down the neck thing with solo again...with added vocals this time..that's cool...good vocals and guitars are awesome...I can't play those jazz...vocals again now...I can never rise above...the up and down neck with solo again with added vocals...totally unique sound...never heard anything like this before...I run and hide only way I know...I can let it show...that guitar again...that's very cool and out. Great job on this!

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really enjoyed reading your lyric first before my listen
you really work the guitar so cleverly here
in the choruses
nice vocal tone too