I am thinking of you

I am thinking of you

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Liner Notes: 

Lovey lyrics by Cindy. Thanks so much Cindy for these... I really enjoyed recording this and need to be doing more of this...


Thinking of You
© 2019 Cindy Prince

When the skies are cloudy
When the skies are blue
When there's only the moon shining
I am thinking of you

When the snow is falling
When the sun shines bright
When the tiny green leaves are growing
Thinking of you feels right

When I blink
I think of you
When I shave
Yes, that too
When I talk
When I walk
Every day anew
I am thinking of you

When the rain is pouring
When the leaves start to fall
When a strong wind is blowing
Thinking of you is my all

Repeat chorus

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gorgeous interpretation of cindys lovely lyrics, the honesty of simplicity shines through in both the composition and performance.

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Beautiful images in the lyrics written by Cindy perfectly delivered by Joanne! Really gorgeous tender and loving!

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Yes was a very nice lyric and of course Joanne was always going to bring it to life beautifully."

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What a strong setting of the lyrics. That is really hard to do. Love the harmonies.

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How lovely! I couldn't be happier with how this turned out! I want to listen over and over! Thanks so much!

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Absolutely stunning voice, soothing performance. great lyrics come to life in this wonderfull collab. Got straight into my heart.

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What a beautiful song, so pretty, fresh, full of happiness, love, sunshine! Fantastic lyrics, music, vocal melody, singing and playing. Love the vocal harmonizations. It all works such a treat to listen to!