road weary

road weary

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Liner Notes: 

"road weary" was a title suggested to me by TC to write lyrics to. i've been listening to willie nelson's "teatro" album a good bit of late (i highly recommend it) and it has a song "three days" on it that has the refrain,

Three days that I hate to see arrive
Three days that I hate to be alive
Three days filled with tears and sorrow
Yesterday today and tomorrow.

i adopted this, in my chorus, to the road that i was on, the current road, and the road ahead.
TC played with the structure, and words, but nailed it nonetheless. i left the lyrics as they were, so objects in mirror may be closer than they appear. i love the weary guitar tone of the solo, myself.
thanks, TC.


(c) 08.07.2019 time and ink

verse 1

everyone is going somewhere
even if just spinning their wheels
never pausing to come up for air
at least that's how it feels
you've gotta take a break
no matter what you're told
only so much drift we can take,
we're all weary from the road.

verse 2

no-one is going anywhere
that'll change the first damn thing
no-one can see beyond the glare
reflected off their dreams
don't know where you're going,
you can't get lost
at least that's the working theory
yet we trudge on, and damn the cost
we're all so road weary.


road weary--
i'm tired from the road that got me to here
and the road i'm on makes me leary.
the road ahead just fills me with fear...
i'm road weary.

verse 3

everyone is going nowhere
we're just treading in place
making believe that we care
all caught up in the chase
if you're searching for a change
you could always ask siri
the end's always just out of range--
we're all so road weary.


-----------> SOLO


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country rock nihilism. ..youve captured the beat of a generation that is fatigued before they even start. i also like the weariness of the guitar solo. and the melody carries that exhaustion with it as well. it is the exhaustion of an empire in collapse, and nobody can do anything to reverse its decline.

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Looking at the lyrics...verse 1 nails it as our freeways here in Henderson / Las Vegas are always jammed 24 hours a day and I'm always wondering why there are so many people on the road every minute of the day. The second verse continues on and adds a bit of dreamscape or lyric morphing to change the concept into a sort of daydream driving. The Chorus nails Vegas again as I swear to god these are the worlds worst drivers...never seen anything like it and it's been that way for decades. The last verse describes the rat race to nowhere and I think works well to open the topic a little further as you intended. Still, these lyrics simply reminds me of the freeways's just nuts. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. guitars...drums kicking in...vocals now...sound good...can clearly understand the lyrics...never pausing to come up for least that's how it feels...good guitar...sounds nice....we're all weary from the road...road-weary chorus...good melody...I hear the cymbals crash every now and one can see beyond the glare reflected off their dreams...damn the cars...we're all road-weary...chorus again now...bridge now....making believe that we all care all caught up in the chase...if you're searching for a change guess you could always ask siri...guitar solo now... I was wondering if we going to get that...we do have it...sounds good...road-weary...I'm tired from the road that led me here....guitar riff and out. Nice job on this guys, I like it.

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this is a great country road song about a feeling that many share. What are we doing with our lives huh?

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Country rock for the win-- song style matches the lyrics well.

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Song has a great anthem quality, love the guitar and chord progression. Lyrics are solid. Good singing. My suggestion, which I hope you find constructive, is that the vocal, melody line, and the tempo of the song don't sound weary at all. I would love to hear a beaten-down take of this, like the singer barely made it home... Just a thought.