Keep My Head In Daylight

Keep My Head In Daylight

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host corinne54
prompt My Biggest Fear

Easy. I'm mostly not fearful but the thought of being stuck in a hole or trapped somewhere with no use of my arms can bring on a panic attack.

A bit of 7/8 over 7/4 today. Guitar and percussions rhythms from a 4:7 interference pattern. Tonality is Lydian to get away from my "spooky" sound.

Remixed Monday.

Guitars: Doug Brown Custom Telecaster
Amp:'78 Marshall Mk II
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour or so to write and record


Keep My Head In Daylight

Don't drop me in a hole
Don't stick me in a tight pipe
I don't wanna be no miner
Keep my head in daylight

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All Rights Reserved

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mike skliar's picture

wow, this is really quite amazing- love that rhythm, african-sounding, and then those synth blasts come in, with the david byrne-style vocal, its quite the intoxicating package!

nicely done!

coolparadiso's picture

Very good one this, especially for a skirmish. Great driving beat and the vox overture is way cool.

Chip Withrow's picture

Oh, I'm with you on that fear!
Groovy rhythm adventure, and quite an array of sounds atop that. The synth bass has a pleasing, head-bobbing thump. Sounds awesome in headphones!

Amanda West's picture

This was both fascinating, and slightly scary. I think the unusual instrumentation added to that edgy feel of the song, great choice of sounds Smile

corinne54's picture

Love the unevenness of the meter. Makes me feel claustrophobic!

AndyGetch's picture

Fun funk. Lots of potential and nice work on the skirmish!

kahlo2013's picture

Cool funkiness that took me by surprise with its rhythm and non-standard meter. Lots of wonderful juxtaposition of different sounds as well. Delightfully quirky!

jcollins's picture

Looking at the lyrics...very straight forward and to the point. Interesting liner notes about this project too. I'm ready for the audio now...this should be fun as most of us don't get to hear 7/8 or 7/4 or Lydian scale. Ok, here we go...percussion intro....bells...shaker now...synth bass...snare hit....synth pad melody...vocals now...don't drop me in a hole....I don't want to be no't drop me in a hole...I don't wanna be no miner....keep my head in daylight...echo and out. Very cool, enjoyed this very much.

tcelliott's picture

I love the creative feeling in this one. The fuzz bass line is awesome and the byrne like vocal works really well. I tend to fall back into old habits in skirmishes so it's good to hear something less straight.

barbara's picture

You can keep your head right up there with David Byrne! This is some damn quirky art, and I loved it! Completely unexpected, and thoroughly engaging.

musicsongwriter's picture

Fun funky song appealing to all ages. Very creative. Loving the instruments choices and the echo effects.

kirjis's picture

Oooh I like the vocals and the rhythm a lot, great work!

TomS's picture

Man, unusual time signatures are very hard to write for. Really nice job. Smile