(Don't Be A) Rat Blues

(Don't Be A) Rat Blues

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Liner Notes: 

I was working on a collaboration when the skirmish started but some of the folks in the chatroom were talking about it. This is a tongue in cheek take on the prompt "Your biggest fear" cuz when I was a kid I didn't worry about pops. I worred about momma.

The acoustic guitar was an idea I had while recording another song so I armed a separate track and did a one take. Then afterwards I used a single mic and played the guitalele and sang the verses real quick in another one take. So two tracks, three parts, one tack each.


My Momma gave me a dollar fifty
To go and buy her some gum
But I went and bought some baseball cards
Before I knew what I had done
So I headed down to the grocery store
To swipe some gum anyhow
But don't go runnin' to tell my Momma
No, don't be a rat right now

My Momma said I could go and play
As long as I was home by dark
But we all lost track of time
Playing down at the park
So we made up a story
'Bout helping find a lost milk cow
So don't go runnin' to tell my Momma
No don't be a rat right now

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great energy, great music, love that guitar-and guitelele thing going on, and the story is fun and slice-of-life. (now if the milk cow could chew gum, it's be another ball of wax! there's your sequel!)

great fun, actually! great jam at the end! ratjam!

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Yes a very complete sound for a skirmish. Catchy too! I like the whole concept here. Very left field.

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You tell quite a story - fills me with nostalgia - in just a couple verses. And that guitar interplay is right-on blues-rock. Enthusiastic rock-soul vocal too. This one is a winner all around.

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These 2 lines are pure gold:
"But don't go runnin' to tell my Momma
No, don't be a rat right now" - great hook !

I love the energy and rhythm in this, and the Americana feel of the vocal and picking is pure gold (like the hook Wink )

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Hey a guitalele! I should look into one of those!

Didn't baseball cards or other collectible cards (like my Beatle cards) have gum too? Or am I not remembering correctly? Then you could have killed two birds with one stone for you and mama!

Anyhoo - Great blues playing and fun lyrics

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A warm childhood tale. Nicely done. The guitar and 'lele work really well together in this. The rhythm is rockin' solid. Good work all around.

I thought about gum and baseball cards too but Momma would know 'cause it's a different shape than gum in a pack.

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Looking at the lyrics...the first section tells a great story about a kid who messed up. Helping find a lost milk cow, eh? That's some funny stuff TC. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Nice country guitar intro...bit of blues touch too...how do you do that...it's cool...vocals now...sounds good...can clearly understand the lyrics...solo now...sounds great...my mamma said I can go and play...helping find a lost milk cow...lol...don't be a rat right now...guitar solo...awesome sound TC...I like that guitar playing a lot. The vocals were right there too. Nice demo.

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Irresistible!!! Downloaded in a heartbeat. Had me movin’ and groovin’! Your vocal style here suits the instrumentation to a tee also. Authentic, I think they call it. More please.

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Brilliant cheeky song, fun to listen to. Very cool and awesome take on skirmish prompt. I wanted it to last longer with instrument solos Smile Love your singing and playing.