My biggest fear

My biggest fear

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Liner Notes: 

This was a song skirmish, where you are provided with a title and try to write and record a song with that title in an hour.
I had written a verse before, which fit the theme/title nicely, and writing the rest and recording took a little over an hour.
No surprise, living in the US in 2019, as to what one of my biggest fears is!

Recorded rhythm guitar in the music memos app on an iPhone (which adds the drums), imported to Garageband in iphone, and added vocal and harmonica overdubs.

and, here ya go....

enjoy! (and get involved and make a difference in 2020, as per the song, if you can!)

edit- Aug 19- added some background vocals to the mix..


A legacy of white supremacy
In the land of the free
Are you happy to see how things turned out to be

A bloviating narcissist head of state,
tweeting lies and hate
you think he really made America great

What’s gonna happen next year
My biggest fear, My biggest fear
I don’t even want to say it out loud

The prospects for humanity
in this century
If we continue down this path Of obscenity

Disasters multiplying from every side
There’ll be no place to hide
And frankly I’m terrified

What’s gonna happen next year
My biggest fear My biggest fear
I don’t even want to say it out loud

If we don’t call back these purveyors of hatred
In the name of humanity and all that’s sacred
Then everything we’ve done has all been wasted
Just vote the fucker out, its not complicated

What’s gonna happen next year
My biggest fear My biggest fear
I don’t even want to say it out loud

(c) M. Skliar 2019

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coolparadiso's picture

As ive said before nothing like a passion to drive a good song. This is another good one. Great for a skirmish.

AndyGetch's picture

Pointed and powerful lyric and delivery. Well done on the skirmish!

cindyrella's picture

This certainly crossed my mind for this skirmish. You did it up right! Excellent!

kahlo2013's picture

This song rings so true to my heartfelt thoughts. I love how you so brilliantly capture and express the fears that so many of us feel. Really well done, Mike!

metalfoot's picture

Pretty much what I'd have expected, Mike! Strong write.

Ferry Colyer's picture

That harmonica is so fitting, it makes the song to me. It was already pretty damn good, with firing lyrics this song. Yeah, the sentiment is so true. Sadly enough.

JWHanberry's picture

That's a great sing along chorus. Any lyric that includes "bloviate" gets my vote. Wink Sorry it's not fiction. Good take on the prompt.

corinne54's picture

This fear is a daily occurrence for many of us! You captured the feelings perfectly, Mike.

jcollins's picture

Looking at the lyrics...whoa, the first section is scary. The second section catches me up to date as I'm not following any news for a long time. The next part is the key to the biggest fear of all...the election, yeah. The next part is a strong warning about continuing down this path. The next part shows fear and panic. Chorus again now. The next part features the F Chorus and out. Nice job on this Mike. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. guitar and drums... sound good...vocals now...sounds good...can clearly understand the lyrics....good melody....what's gonna happen next year, my biggest fear, my biggest fear...nice groove on the guitar. changeup on the that sob ain't complicated...harmonica now...sounds great...what's gonna happen next year, my biggest fear...very catchy...I don't even want to say it out loud...and out. Great job on this Mike.

barbara's picture

Besides the well-penned message, I just want to appreciate the rhythmic, syncopated vibe of the music itself and the non-word BGV’s that added so much, and that harp solo! This is a groovy listen as well as a pointed message, so kudos for that! (My skirmish was political as well, btw.) Too many clever word choices to single them out. Great job!

tcelliott's picture

That drum track really fills out the music and is a nice touch. Your vocal performance is good and I like the melody.

Chip Withrow's picture

Your fear, your message, is clear and I'm on board for sure. And on top of that, the musicianship is top notch. Excellent, timely song - with a fine groove, too.

airbagtester's picture

This is very identifiable, hopefully for the majority of people who would hear it. The guitar part makes me think of a delicate Jethro Tull type of song. I can only hope the majority feel just as afraid but also empowered by the vote. There has been an unprecedented revelation of bigotry and racism in this country, the kind that leaves sane people thinking, "do my fellow voters really feel -that- way?" Let's hope not. The optimist in me wants to say they were just "disruptor" voters, voting for the "not-Democrat," and not racist, hate mongers per se.

The pessimist in me wonders how often the "anyone but him" campaign strategy has actually worked though...

musicsongwriter's picture

Very strong political song. I think we all fear about the situation in the world. Very well put.

TomS's picture

Hell yes. The pendulum is swinging the other way, I thoroughly believe.

Amanda West's picture

This a very cool protest song. I especially like how the music and instruments really do reflect the emotion and feeling in the lyrics.

katpiercemusic's picture

I remember when I was a teen there was a Neo Nazi rally a few towns away and I was so horrified. I lived in the mid Hudson Valley. I didn't think there were enough Neo Nazis to fill a teacup here. As horrendous as all this is, it's sparking a lot of thinking, and I'm with Neil Gaiman on this... the only thing that beats a bad idea is a better idea. So thank you for writing this and putting your thoughts out there. Another volley in the battle.