My Biggest Fear

My Biggest Fear

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Liner Notes: 

Sitting in the park today- Recorded tracks on Garageband app, and found a somewhat quiet spot to record the vocal. Prompt was from page of a book I opened at random.
Musing about losing my hearing, fear of losing my mind to Alzheimer's (as my father did), fear of death


My Biggest Fear
Words aren't clear
I can no longer hear
What you're saying

I'm losing you
You're not near
I'm losing me
I'm no longer here

Where will I go?
Where will I be?
How will I know
When I've lost me?

My Biggest Fear
I disappear
I'm no longer here
My Biggest Fear

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That dark synth/guitar sound is great. Lyrics are really relatable too. That whispery ending added to the ominous feel. Great skirmishing.

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Very angst ridden music, which really served to bring thosse fearful words out even more. I do love your voice Smile

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Oh wow, this has such a forlorn and foreboding sound and message... really dark and powerful in the delivery! Well done and delivered!

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Whoa. So much said in such a sparse lyric. and that huge sound. Clapping

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Very dark and haunting over a simple yet very explanatory lyric. Mighty fine song let alone a skirmish

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love the whole soundscape thing going on there, and the melody fits the lyric and arrangement perfectly! love the whispering at the end, too!

great work!

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That really created a powerful experience, with the way the singing eventually does disappear out of existence, leaving a kind of frightening soundscape behind. I respect you for getting real about the fear of brain disease and wondering what that is like internally. My mom also died due to vascular dementia and it does worry me as a possibility for me too. I just didn’t have the guts to face it here. This is a great piece!

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Do dark, deep, and honest. Gosh, that whispering. I shuddered!

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Incredibly scary production that supports the very direct and concise lyric. This is very good work.

Thanks for giving us a most provocative theme.

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Wow, the liner notes are scary. Ok, but let's look at the song.

Looking at the lyrics...yeah, the first section about losing your hearing is pretty deep. I have a friend who can't hear without her hearing aids. Section two is like a nightmare. Section 3 shows speculation I imagine about dying. The last section really hits the nail on the head for this title with good rhymes. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Percussion...didn't expect that...bass guitar...vocals now...synth sound on the side...I'm losing you...sounds really good...something else coming in on the other side now...sounds dream-like...where will I go where will I be...good melody...has a dark sound...guitar slide on the right side...whisper...and out. Awesome, I like it a lot.

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Dark, spooky and instantly likable song. Very cool take on a skirmish prompt. A pleasure to listen to your singing and playing Corinne.

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Incredible. Spooky, atmospheric, and a lovely and chilling vocal. You brilliantly capture the essence of those fears you describe.

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That deep, dark bass line is very good. It sets the mood very well. The guitar/distortion is a nice touch. And coming in with the vocal gives it a powerful feeling. I like the melody a lot.

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I really like that bass guitar part, and all the distortion. Somehow it is very distorted but also clear at the same time. The part at the end where you whisper complements the mood; trepidation, dread. I think the chord progression plays into that as well.