Rapture of the Deep

Rapture of the Deep

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Liner Notes: 

I ditched the drum software for this. There are lots of software synths providing the rhythm track instead: several picks from Arturia's V collection, and Ableton's wavetable synth, all played with a Mk1 Ableton Push. And then there's a Roland GR-55 guitar synth on top of all that.

Somewhere in the mix there's a compressor that is really not at all happy. I'll go back and fix it when I get a chance.

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this is a dense mix and the massive reverb makes it all the denser. the density works because it takes us underwater and the raptures of the deep emerge from the surround sound as we fall deeper ino the oceras densities. the choral effect at the end is a sort of underwater ode to joy.

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Oh yeah, this track is great!
All those weird sounds are making me happy.
If this is underwater then I feel like I'm riding on the back of an electric eel.
Really really nice!

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Always good to be back on your page...I spotted this one on the songs page....just waiting for the audio to kick in. Here we go...sounds electronic....spacey lead synth...or is that a guitar...might be...I hear the bass in there...changeup now...synth push...melody and groove again now...sounds good. That's definitely a guitar...outro now. Quite unique and you always deliver on Sunday. Well, I usually hear your Sunday stuff...I'm sure your good every day. I liked it a lot.

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That's a gorgeous sound for the melody in the main part, Really sings. From the GR-55 I assume. Forgive me, but the main part (not the middle) sounds like space-western to me. Firefly. Smile

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All that reverb makes for an immense sound - reminds me I should be braver with effects. Nice little arpeggio keeping it all rooted and allowing the melody and the reverbed sounds to do their thing.

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yeah, this really sings underwater. like the tone of the guitar-synth or whatever that is and the deep bass-like thing behind. it builds prettily with adding more texture, though I was a bit worn out by the left-right chip-tune-like synths. Then the middle dolphin part was nice. A niced deep-see sonatina.

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It's the reverb submerging all of us? Certainly there's an underwater/mermaid feel to it. Chris,a re you shopping any of this stuff for licensing? You should--it doesn't really pay but it doesn't cost and it's nice occasionally to get some pennies from the other side of the world TV program or whatever...I like the high chippie synth that comes in after the mermaid's been going a while. Making that contrasting synthy unbeaten middle lifts it all, too.