Oh, Sir Nibbleton

Oh, Sir Nibbleton

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Liner Notes: 

It would take me longer to explain this song than for you to listen to it. So here's just enough background:
Our family has a stuffed animal snail named Sir Nibbleton. We sent a similar snail, named Nibblesford, to my daughter's cousins.
Sir Nibbleton talks with a British accent. We have given voices to many of our stuffed animals.
My British accent is so bad as to be offensive to those of you who actually have those accents, so I spoke/sung it in my usual voice.


Oh Sir Nibbleton do you have someplace to go
Oh Sir Nibbleton you are moving oh so slow
Oh Sir Nibbleton following a garden trail
Oh Sir Nibbleton you are my favorite snail

How’s your cousin Nibblesford I hope he’s doing well
How’s your cousin Nibblesford has he come out of his shell

Oh Sir Nibbleton antennae in the air
Oh Sir Nibbleton slimy yet debonair
Oh Sir Nibbleton some say you are a pest
Oh Sir Nibbleton in your shell so finely dressed
You’re the snail I like best

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What a fantastic family song! I can just imagine Mr Nibbleton! Very enjoyable!

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this is a wonderful music hall song. i can picture a man with a top hat and cane singing to a a full house of dickensian characters. i would have him singing to a snail he takes out of his pocket and places on his wrist.

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good stuff. very amusing - they would still love it in northern England fun.

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This is great, it's very cheerful. The words are really clever and the piano playing sets them off perfectly.

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My good fellow, I must commend you on a such a splendidly agreeable articulation in the popular music hall style.
A definite parlour favourite, suitable for ladies and refined company alike.
And of course a snail of breeding will always be welcome in our respectable domicile.
The finest entertainment, sir.