Ready For A Meltdown

Ready For A Meltdown

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Liner Notes: 

I wanted to keep on trying to write positive happy songs, which I have been woefully bad at in the past. They have numbered about 1% of my output.
So this is about the 5th in the last month Smile

Update... Corey is going to musicate this one! Looking forward to it Smile

Corey says: (23/9/2019) I've finally put a mix up on 50/90. This is definitely a work in progress as there are some lyric/arrangement things both Amanda and I need to take care of however, have a listen and let us know what you think.

**NB: The lyrics are different to what is written**


Hell girl you have me spinning around
Oh boy I need my feet on the ground
This way you have me
Makes me hope there's a we
An' I'm ready for a melt-down
I'm ready for a melt down

I'm hoping that you love me
But you keep things on the low-down
Really hoping that you love me
An' I hope there's a we
Cus I'm ready for a melt-down
I'm ready for a melt down

Ya pull my strings when ya shouldn't don't you girl
Oh boy you pull em tight 'till I can't breathe
I can't breathe
So woman please tell me, say you love me
Tell me how you feel 'cus I don't think I can wait
Any longer
An' I hope there's a we
Cus I'm ready for a melt-down
I'm ready for a melt down

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I'm been there! Probably too many times. This will make a killer song!

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I hear this in a kind of Smash Mouth “Walkin on the Sun” treatment. Nice build into the end. “Hope there’s a we” is a great succinct line that says so much!

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Heck yes I can hear this as disco. A much and unjustly maligned genre! I will return for the final product. Smile

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First, looking at the liner notes I have to say that it is definitely easier to write blues than happy songs. In the end, I find that the songs that I personally like the most are not blue at all and usually are happy theme lyrics.

Looking at the lyrics...the first section...hmmm...honestly, I don't like hell girl...and not sure about the hook here I'm ready for a meltdown. I know you can handle my words Amanda so let us keep moving. The second section...hmmm...the hook is not getting there for me, sorry. Keep in mind that I have not heard the audio for this yet. The final section seems totally country style writing to me. I'm sorry Amanda, I don't like the hook on this song because the theme is not what I expected from the title. I thought it was going to be some kind of blues. That said, I read the liner notes and maybe I was expecting something else. Further, when you get to your level of songwriting it's probably exactly what sells and proves I don't know I'm ready for the audio now....hold. Oh, the audio is not ready yet...ok, I'll come back Amanda. I hope I didn't insult you? If I did I'm sorry.