There Goes Love

There Goes Love

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Liner Notes: 

This is a song about love lost and the affair that preceded it. Wonderful lyrics by Kristi (especially the chorus, so ripe for a pop song) and a joy to record and sing to.

I thought I'd go for something like Ric Ocasek from The Cars would do on this tune Smile


There Goes Love
© 2019 Kristi McKeever

What were you doing
Every Friday night
Gone but present
And on my mind

What were you saying
When you held her close
A heartless lover
A transparent ghost

Oh there goes love
Kiss it goodbye
When did our star lose its light
No more dreams, no desire
What we had wasn’t enough
So there...there goes love

What were you thinking
When you told those lies
A real impostor with
Deceptive eyes

Where were you going
When you disappeared
A silent message
Received loud and clear

So there goes love
Kiss it goodbye
When did our star lose its light
No more dreams, no desire
What we had wasn’t enough
So there...there goes love

Questions asked and ignored
People always wanting more
But I’m moving forward, movin’ on
And I’ve got my walking shoes on

Repeat ch

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was waiting to hear this! I commented on this nice lyric by Kristi. Excellent music to deliver it! Passion plus!

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This sounds great chugging along with that backbeat and those limpid guitars--just about radio ready. The chorus really does lift off. I really like how you come back to the chorus after the tasty solo

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Loved Kristi's lyrics and what an amazing song this is! Does remind me the cars. Super!

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Wow, that hits the pop sweet spot bull's eye! I'd love to hear harmonies on the chorus.

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Great title, and yeah, the lyric is well written. I agree that chorus is a darn good one. I like the way the music/vocal highlights the chorus. Going to the higher register emphasizes it nicely. That guitar break is tasteful and sounds good. You both did very well on this one.

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Excellent lyrics ! And yes, that chorus is brilliant, perfect for a pop song.

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Awesome! Thank you again, Corey for bringing my lyric to life! I like the melody and then the chorus really soars! Everything works so well together to get across the emotion...enjoyed the bridge melody too...great's catchy too! Smile

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Oh such a wonderfully insightful and insightful lyric and the emotion of the performance is so spectacular! The chorus is absolutely wonderful! There is a great contrast between the verses and chorus! This is so radio catchy!

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Fresh sound jet very classical. Absolutely outstanding powerfull voice. Great lyrics.

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Wow! I'm late to this party and THIS IS A GREAT SONG!! I almost missed it. Great arrangement of very nice lyrics! Great job on those lyrics, Kristi--and terrific job on the vocal, Corey! VERY impressive!