The Alphabets Of Love

The Alphabets Of Love

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Liner Notes: 

Jerry Here: I kept seeing lyrics only by Klaus and decided I'm going to click on it this time. I looked at the lyrics and it looked pretty easy to me and nobody else had stepped up so I decided to go for it here. I hope it sounds ok? Thanks Klaus.

Klaus here: Oh, wow, man, dude, Jerry, this is awesome! Thanks so much for doing this. I'm smiling from ear to ear and I'm smiling widely and I have a big smile on my face. It sounds more than ok. Oida, this sounds bodacious, bonza AND Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Smile

Jerry here: Update, this demo has been updated to version 2 August 22, 2019


The Alphabets of Love

( Chorus or a B section:)

You're the one for me
Oh, how happy we'll be

Kiss me, baby, then
( We'll ) get a matching tattoos

( Verses or A sections: )

You got a blue-eyed cat
she's quite a democrat
I got a sweet old dog
he's a bit of a demagogue

You got a house and (a) car
I work the soda bar
you want some kids, more kids
that's a future I really digs [ or just "dig" ]

when it's a late dark night
I hold you oh, so tight
I whisper alphabets [ or " I say the alphabets" ]
maybe then you can guess the rest

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these are some wacky guitar solos. great job on the klaus lyric. hilarious interpretation of hilarious lyrics, but what happened to v, w, x, y z?.

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Fun lyric! Fun music! (The guitar solos are worth the price of admission) What an enjoyable song. Biggrin

Rockwrites75's picture

Hey Jerry, my friend you did an excellent job on your new demo I like it bro. Your guitar solo sounds awesome. Hey Klaus, my friend you wrote excellent lyrics I like them and it has a good title.

Kristi's picture

The lyric is so original in the way it tells a simple love story. I love how the ABCs are spelled out in the song! What fun. The country music complements the lyric just right. It's fun and energized. Cool guitar and solos there! Great collab!

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Hearing a bit of Johnny Cash in here and that's good. Goes really well with the lyric! This is a head nodding song and I'm served at what I want to hear all along. Vocals are great!

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This is a wonderful sing-a-long like chorus with a fun music! Love the easy fun loving feel to the verses! Great guitar! Makes me smile!

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Two of my favorite 50/90ers! Catchy and fun. As always, I enjoyed your lead guitar work. Clever lyrics, particularly the cat and dog verse. It exists in an alternate 1950s-type universe of soda jerks, etc. Reminds me a bit of NRBQ!