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Liner Notes: 

I am still so muddled from my heat stroke. I can barely concentrate long enough to write anything. I am thinking rock or pop for this one.


© 2019 Cindy Prince

Rain falling down
My tears too
I'm standing downtown
Don't know what to do

Wind blowing hard
I'm all alone
I'm your latest discard
And it hurts to the bone

Like blood and tears
Can't stop
This flood of fears

I knew you had a reputation
Of love 'em and leave 'em
I thought we were different
You had me believin'

Lightning is flashing
My pain intense
As a wild surf crashing
I am spent

Repeat chorus

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This is really nicely written rock lyric. The image of a man standing downtown somewhere in the rain and wind is pretty effective. I like the rhythm in the verses too. I don't know how full demo I have time to make but I'd like to demo this one.

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Gorgeous heart breaking lyrics Cindy. Looking forward to hearing your collaboration with Klaus.

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I like these lyrics. Very interested in what @Klaus will do with them. Let me know when the demo is up.