miss it now

miss it now

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Liner Notes: 

This week, it was Thursday that the Catalytic Perverters did practice. We live streamed most of it on youtube, but that was almost all pre-existing songs. After the stream, we came up with a few more improvised songs. This is the first of those end-of-night improvs.

My vocals are a bit low in the mix, but I think I deciphered most of what I was singing; for the most part, I was singing actual words that made sense when strung together. The "miss me here/gone" bit has been rolling around in my head for years, on and off, but more and more lately. Questioning a symptom of the modern age, "If you are so busy that you miss things that are important to you, then what is really important to you?" A question I plan to ask some of my collaborators.

A quick disclaimer: I had taken my first lesson on lead guitar earlier on the day. No lifeguards on duty... jump into the deep end.


you can't prove anything
say what you like
I ain't going to bend
to silly shite

can't see where to start
fighting hate
I don't feel anyone
who's not afraid
(the new American way)

bought my time
I've got to use it
I don't need anything
you take from me

I care about what
you can't be bothered with
and I'll be nilled
before I leave

miss me now
or miss me when I'm gone

miss me while I'm here
or miss me when I'm gone
you can hear about it
in my song

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Love it! Energizing! Don't need that second cup of coffee now!