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Liner Notes: 

Due to reasons, the Catalytic Perverters switched practice night to Thursday this week. We even streamed it live on my youtube channel. We mostly played songs from our set lists that were rusty, along with some of the newerish songs we've been working out recently. This was the only new song we made up on the live stream; just an improvised jam with a mumble tree vocal that may grow into something someday. The guitar on the other hand... I had my first lesson on lead guitar the same day as practice.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Ah, you know I'm crazy about the drums. It's all good but drums are my thing. And the vocals take me back to 70s groups like Deep Purple. Don't hear this stuff much anymore.

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It's amazing to me how from one track to the other you can change your vocal style so much to the point where it seems like a different voice whilst keeping its own identity feel and power, if in "validation" I heard nirvana, this was for me almost led zepellin-ish. The musical backing itself is great, heavy, big, bulky and very metally in a way. Congrats!