Soldier Boy (Blue on Blue)

Soldier Boy (Blue on Blue)

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Liner Notes: 

A tear jerker, a cross between Elvis´Soldier Boy and Dear Jean Shepherd - Sorry I had to get it out my system. Smile


Soldier Boy (Blue on Blue)

Wake up and smell the coffee soldier boy
She no longer writes you letters full of joy
You phone home she’s not there
Then she says she´s been nowhere
Could it be she’s found another soldier boy

You’re fighting for your country far away
Worried and thinking of her every day
And you lie awake at night
Though you doubt if I is right
But you do it anyway my soldier boy

Thinking she is a liar
Is like being hit by friendly fire
Blue on Blue,
If she´s been untrue
Oh my soldier boy

You’ll be home again in three months, hopefully
And you hope that she’ll be waiting on the quay
And there´s no need to be sad
About those nightmares that you had
For you will be forever her soldier boy
And she´ll love you for forever soldier boy

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Ah, yes, well I hope this soldier boy had a happier ending than my dad did. He was serving in a war and my mother fell for somebody else and sent him a Desr John letter. And why I didn’t know my father until I searched for him in my 40s. It’s inspired books, poems, and music. So something good comes from these things,

Anyway, well done! I love how you’ve captured this - we don’t hear this story much anymore.

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nice contribution to the soldier boy dear john genre with modern updates such as friendly fire, my favorite of these songs is billy and sue,,

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The longing to be again in the arms of the one you love so well represented here. Very well done.

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Hauntingly beautiful and such a sad song! I love the electric guitar riffs - they sound great with the acoustic.