Alita Wouldnt Go All the Way

Alita Wouldnt Go All the Way

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Liner Notes: 

This song is about Alita, a boy crazy 16 year old girl who fended off the more extreme advances of the boys who were as crazy about her as she was about them..But she was able to control her hormonal passions while they often tried to cross the forbidden line.


All the boys loved Alita
The girl who worked at the picture show
She liked it when someone held her hand
And listened to her talk
When they seemed to understand
But Alita wouldnt go all the way
Alita wouldnt go all the way

She liked it when the boys kissed her
And when she said goodnight
She liked it when they missed her
But Alita wouldnt let herself go too far
A hand inside the sweater
Was a step outside the law
Alita wouldnt go all the way
Alita wouldnt go all the way

There was a special boy Alita really liked
But it wasnt so pleasant, the things he tried
When he took her to the dance
Tried to put his hand down her pants
She slapped him in the face
He left and got his lovin in some easier place
Because Alita wouldnt go all the way
Alita wouldnt go all the way

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I like the reverse Lolita imagery plus the Lana del Rey vibe helps with the whole reverse thing. Very well done!

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I'm always interested to see how you tag your songs. I can imagine them taking a lot of different forms with a full band. I really like this one. Great guitar and soulful vocal. I love the way you sing, "Alita..."

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You tell such great stories through your music. The way you sang “picture show” took me back to “The Last Picture Show” - so racy (if I may use this word in this context) back then. Women had problems back then but, as usual, today’s attitudes have gone too far - so vulgar as seen in film/TV/novels/music. I’m reading a novel now where the character reads a book about finding love by not sleeping around until commitment but, still, her language turns me off. Thanks for taking me back there,

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I really like how you tell the story of this young bright girl with simple clear lines and actions. The meaning is "inside", in what is told and on what the focus is. Alita's attitude, liking boys but still having self-esteem is really like a breath of fresh air in our over-sexed times. Music has very pleasing Mexican ballad feel to it in the verses and in the acoustic guitar fills and in passionate vocals. Bonza!

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Looking at the liner notes...a pretty challenging task to write this song.

Looking at the lyrics...the first section exposes the teaser. The second section scares the crap out of me with the current generation of me too. When I was 16 my hands were always touching the The last part is exactly what you do when you have a teaser like this. Also, when a woman sees you getting action other places, suddenly they end up being the one who has lost control and they freak out. I know, I've been there and done it. Great job on this Bill. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Nice acoustic room sound...vocals now...sounds good. Can clearly understand the lyrics...Alita wouldn't go all the way. Putting their hands inside her sweater...that was against the law...Alita wouldn't go all the way....there was a special boy that Alita really like...tried to put his hands down her pants...slapped him in the face...he found some easy loving in another....cuz Alita wouldn't go all the way. Great job on this Bill.

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One of your best I'd say this 50/90. From what I've heard. Recording is nice and pleasing; I instantly liked that guitar in the intro. Great singing, as usual,

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Indie acoustic rock helps with teenage angst and virginity issues. I like the nonchalant solo guitar in the back and its 70:30 Dylan/V.Morisson and well a 150 % B.White Smile

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Great descriptive lyrics. Lovely powerfull longing in your voice. Nicely done.

Maybe being a tad dislexic I kept reading Atilla (chinese gen.) he went all the way Smile

Anyway, this was Alita not Lolita and so it goes.. no poor boys corrupted for their Mothers love for their little boys.

The problem with all the way is, it’s never all the way, — next day it ends.