Honey is a Rebel!

Honey is a Rebel!

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Liner Notes: 

A couple years ago I wrote a blogpost with this title, telling the story of how I came to use honey in my coffee instead of the more standard sugar. I was trolling for half-finished songs in my files and saw this title instead; it made a fun prompt and I whipped out this little number.


i like honey in my coffee, i take honey for my throat
spreading honey on my pancakes
gives a perfect golden coat

but honey doesn't lay there
honey pours out strange
'cause honey is a rebel
that's something you can't change

honey has its own sweet time
it doesn't let you rush
it makes dramatic entrances
it will not let you push

the drips and drabs and spirals
are different every day
'cause honey is a rebel
and rebels never stay

you might pull out that cheery bear
and try your best to squeeze
but all you'll do is make a mess
'cause honey is a tease

the way it flows back down the jar
is different every day
'cause honey is a rebel
and rebels like to play

honey takes whatever flower
the bees have sipped and danced on
then builds a symphony of taste
from what the hive has chanced on

you can't make it slide faster
from spoon to mug or bowl
honey is a rebel
and rebels do it slow

old honey will get crusty
it melts but won't flow right
'cause honey is a rebel
and rebels always fight

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This is so playful....enjoyed the various honey activities. It takes on a personality of its own. I like the repetition of "cause honey is a rebel" and the varying phrases afterwards. Well written!

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Very playful and strong rhymes and on top of it's... sweet. Oh what sweet rebellion

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"honey takes whatever flower...right through to...from what the hive has chanced on" Now that is pure marimagic, come back to life again. And play, too. Love this one!

fresh spotless youth's picture

The cheery bear lines made me chuckle. This has such great flow--and is open to different readings, I think. Really, is it about honey? I don't think so.

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Haha this perfectly describes honey, I never would have thought to write a song about this.