Cosmic Fish

Cosmic Fish

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Liner Notes: 

While Louise was busy, I was playing my acoustic bass, and suddenly came up with an idea.

I was trying to avoid doing any writing for a few days, but I couldn’t help it!

Three tracks of bass, bongos, claves, and cabasa, with a lot of reverb and echo. If there’s any bleed through of the radio Louise was listening to in the background, then that’s just ambience, like you’re fish in a bowl?

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I almost passed on listening because of the title - lol - but I’m so glad I clicked on it. The beginning grabs attention immediately. Love the bongos and, really, everything!

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yeah, this is an unusual groove. would work well on swordfish trombone period Tom Waits. I like the sparseness where every note is effective.

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Ooo I really love this! Those bongos are great. Nice one!

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You can just tell right from the bat that everything is played and not sampled. The percussions have that extra live presence bite that you can't get from eazy drummers etc. Nice contemplative melody and I really like the vibe the whole song generates. I can almost see that big transparent fish gently swimming between universes.

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Great title; it immediately put me in mind of Steve Hillage.
Yeah, lovely little relaxing meditative track here.
I agree with @Klaus about the live percussion sounding great.
Nicely done!

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This feels for me like a tune straight out of a Tarantino movie, I can see the lounge, the characters dancing while in a crazy conversation and the whole set may explode with martial arts at any time.

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This has the feel of a modern western; like the spaghetti westerns Eastwood used to make back in the 60s and 70s. You've definitely captured a mood here, man. I totally dig it!

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What a groovy, pleasant, slightly spooky late night listen! Every instrument just makes total organic, chamber-music sense here. I'm getting hypnotized listening, and I dig that!