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Liner Notes: 

This is more of a groove again than a song; I don't feel like doing elaborate structures without good lead part. Collabs welcome, I also struggle with drum parts. I wish there was something like Apple's Drummer for Linux Smile


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Everything here sounds great to me.
This is my kind of stuff, from the sounds used to the extended groove.
LOVE the slap.
This IS a song in my opinion. I was engaged and nodding my head the entire way through - it was missing nothing at all.
And the drums pattern was also nice, no struggles heard there either in my opinion.
Really enjoyed this!

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Whoa, didn't expect that...has a cool groove...the clap keeps it that bass...I think that's a hat groove...sounds kind of 70s...the pads definitely let you know where the chorus is...changeup on the left guitar sound...(I have the headset on). Break now...and out. Ok, yeah, I think it sounds very cool, nice job on this.

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Oh, please, I was expecting something much worse after reading your bio. You can play just fine. This even has a very nice production and mix. The music actually is pretty 80's progressive rock kind of a thing. Little bit like King Crimson, you know the dark mood with a cool groove, etc. I liked this one. Good job.

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It's a rockin' groove with solid backing parts. The breakdown at 1:16 is a strong dynamic shift. The call and response that follows is a nice variation. Then it builds and we rock out. Good work.

Have you checked out orDrumbox? Free, open source linnux.