Zinnia's Arrival

Zinnia's Arrival

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Liner Notes: 

Incidental music for Electric Catnip: Season One

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I like the feel and vibe of this shortish piece of music. Sounds soft magical and dreamy, like a fairytale soundtrack. I can definitely hear some feline "contours" and flexibility in it too. So, mission accomplished! Smile

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Ooh, I'm flying through (slightly sinister) outer space!!
I'm liking the loads of reverb; it makes this track seem massive.
Yeah, so nice, all swirly and stuff.

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LOVE the sweeping sound(s), swelling and floating swirling around my headphones...the low end providing a rumble that keeps me from floating all the way away.

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I'm gonna jump on the swirly bandwagon as well. And I'm going to add fluffy also. Fluffy like a cloud.
And shiny. This sounds shiny.
Still impatiently waiting.

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Nice weird harmonic progression!

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whoaaa this sounds so cool...... love the organic swelling harmonies, feels like supernatural breaths being taken...