Rain in August

Rain in August

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Liner Notes: 

Rain, rain, and more rain all week here in southwest Florida. Typical, but seems like more than usual. Or maybe not. I've written about August rain in at least two other 50/90s.


Don’t you know it’s gonna rain in August
Ain’t no surprise
Don’t you know it’s gonna rain in August
Watch the water rise

Don’t you know it’s gonna flood in August
Raining more and more
Don’t you know it’s gonna flood in August
Right up to your door

Don’t you know it’s gonna storm in August
Hear the howling wind
Don’t you know it’s gonna storm in August
Every storm does end

Don’t you know you gotta pray in August
to be safe and sound
Don’t you know you gotta pray in August
Pray all year round

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nice one! channeling those Pete Seeger kids-but-not-kids songs, perhaps? Smile

that melody and the lyric are a perfect fit, and the whole structure of this is perfect..

great banjo playin' too... (are you playing two tracks one eadh of banjo and guitar?)

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Oh, this is really nice. The melody is so simple and catchy it will become the earworm of today for sure. It's also wonderful how concise the lyrics are and yet you managed to get an appealing contrast between the sweet innocent music and the serious flood situation lyrics. The last line adds even more layers of meanings, mainly a slight doomsday feeling. This is one bonza song and very well structured at that too.

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very pleasant easy listen. please send rain here! great banjo

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some fine front porch music here. makes me want to grab my guitar and join in.i like how it morphs into country gospel for the last verse.

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Looking at the lyrics...it's very dry here but I must say it did sprinkle for a few minutes yesterday to my surprise. The second verse is getting seriously rainy with floodwaters. The next section the wind has started howling. Love the way the lyrics keep progressing. The last part climax a terrible storm has come in. Very visual chip and I like these kinds of lyrics. Something about storms that I've always been attracted to. Until somebody gets hurt and then I freak out. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Guitar intro...banjo now...sounds good...vocals now...can clearly understand the lyrics...watch the water rise...right on up to your door...don't you know it's gonna storm in August...instrumental section now...very nice...sounds old country...pause now with vocals...that worked nicely...pray all year round...nice instrumental outro. Another good one Chip, I like it.

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We’ve been having some surprising rain this summer. Enjoyed the banjo and I love your vocals. You could sing anything!

AndyGetch's picture

rain, rain, rain.......with all that water we might need more bridges Smile

Aging Ophelia's picture

Sweet hook, my my. I am in for the rain, I'm in for this song. Love the progress from weather to wariness.

benjo's picture

hey bud, WOW

this is awsome,
that music is addictive loved that
a clever lyric, love the title