Get Baking, Betch

Get Baking, Betch

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Liner Notes: 

based on a true story, with a few liberties taken. you know how it is-- you get petty when you feel like you've been a dumb dupe-head. that feeling sometimes last for longer than is comfortable.

also, i was surprised to see that i'm not way behind this year, yet. i was just going to get some dinner, but decided if i could finish this in 20 more minutes, it'd be a nice little extra. so i did!


last year i made you Guiness Ice Cream
to go with your Chocolate Stout Cake
i fed you birthday ribs, when i'm a vegetarian
gave you cool presents and that party at the lake

you're not the grateful kind of guy
you say the words but soon forget
you're not the reciprocity hero
but i always figured we've got time

now you come home from work
smiling over some dumb trainee
half your age, I guarantee she doesn't want
your sagging romance tropes
half as much as me

i've been patient 20 years
and now you screw me over bad
forgetting what we should be having
crushing all that we have had

so when you say you're sorry
i'm saying that ain't it
if you want me to stay
forgive and patch the way--

STFU and make me a cake
STFU and make me a cake
STFU and make me a cake
STFU and make me a cake

and it better have whipped cream frosting
and be three layers high
and don't use some crappy mix
or mini-chocolate chips
you should know what i like and what it will take

STFU and make me a cake

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Looking at the lyrics...oh yes, I've been guilty of this behavior but don't tell anybody. Nah, that was a long time ago. Oh no, the trainee...yikes. The next section is a review of 20 years of crap from this person. lol STFU and make me a cake....that's classic. no mini chocolate What a fun revenge song, great job on this.

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This is like woman's take on the classic chauvinistic slogan "go and make me a sandwich". I don't see a lot of irony here and with the liner notes, this sounds serious, hurt and a bit angry as it should because he was and probably still is a complete jerk. It still sounds itsy bitsy humorous to me. I like the mentions of cake and ribs. They make everything real, more tragic and even more physically present somehow. Good title too. Smile

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it strikes me but as being fed up but humor still outweighs the anger ad a piece of cake could change everything. i really enjoyed the writing here.

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Yeah, my ex did the same thing to me, but after 26 years.
She never made me a cake, though.
Not even metaphorically Sad
Great lyrics you got here!