I Heard Joey McSloppy Was Playing Tonight

I Heard Joey McSloppy Was Playing Tonight

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Liner Notes: 

Sat on this a couple days.
Decided, hey why not.
Ol' Joey McSloppy'nem need some love, too.

Of course, the sloppiness of various parts here contributed to the name and the hesitation to post. But...gotta get dem' songs done, right?

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Wow, what a build-up! This is kind of addictive. I want it to be twice as long. I want to make dancing grilled cheese sandwiches while I listen and fist-pump to the end.

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that guitar part is pretty cool, even if the sax blasts eat cheese. the heavy drum and bass makes up for that. all in all, its a smokin track. the build up at the end is dynamite

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Really great title.
Why would you sit on this?!?
It's so good!
I'm loving the cheezy 80's saxophone work.
Great burbly bass line.
Nice job!

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Yeah - ya gotta get them songs out! This is pretty cool. As I'm listening to the sax come in, I'm reminded of the 80s styles of this big, muscular dude who played on Tina Turner's record. He was also the frontman/sax man in a scene from The Lost Boys. So yeah, I'm totally diggin' this for it's throwback vibe and pants-shaking danceability! Oh and that run/vamp towards the end? Slammin'!

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That sax is so cool, it's cheesy but exactly in the right way! Better than the best of 80s, really. Great cop movie feel.

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Thick, juicy sirloin of a groove hit me right away! I dig the sax for sure, and I remember the guy CTS mentions in his comment. Also reminds me of Andy MacKay, who played sax for Roxy Music. This has a certain Roxy vibe - retro, yet also totally now. I am digging this so much. Grand, orchestral funk/soul.

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What a nice funk instrumental. Heavy on the funk, especially in the drums section with an awesome snare sound. Yeah, that sax really adds an 80s vibe to the whole. I can hear nothing rhythmically sloppy in this. And anyway, in 50/90 you just post demos and move on even if it doesn't feel quite finished to you. I do it all the time. Smile