Supper Club

Supper Club

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Liner Notes: 

Adnama17: I've been travelling the last couple of weeks so haven't been able to record a lot, but staying in resort towns around super stuck up folks has been quite inspiring. Pair that with the current Song Fight! prompt "Supper Club" and the awesome dabblings of TC, and here we are. Smile


Just like anybody else
I had to get away
For a while, rest my bones

So I booked myself a room
A cheap ass motel
On the bay, I was home

But little did I know
Snobs, yuppies, and pricks
Had come here too, for the view

Not sure how I’m gonna stand you for a whole week
Not sure how I’m gonna hold my tongue and not speak

Not gonna join your goddamn supper club
Talk about golf and wine
And how it’s hard to find the time

Not gonna join your goddamn supper club
Wine is gross and golf is super dumb
You could find the time if you wanted too

I’ll have a whiskey or five
And take a closer look
My legs are hairy, like your soul

My Camry got here just fine
How much did your Benz cost?
Your first born child, and your spine?

Yeah, my clothes are second hand
But you look quite absurd
Like a lemon, with the plague

Guess I’ll feel sorry for you for the next few days
It must be hell in your head, walking in your haze

Not gonna join your goddamn supper club
Talk about golf and wine
And how it’s hard to find the time

Not gonna join your goddamn supper club
Golf is dumb and wine is super gross
You could find the time if you wanted too

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Looking at the lyrics...snobs, yuppies, and Sounds like a week of torture to me. Ok, we have the golf course and club now...I can see that...very visual. Whiskey and hairy legs...ok. Yeah, the Benz is visual too and second-hand clothes. Hell in your head...I got that right now myself...but that's only because I've been commenting for 2 hours. Walking in your haze is pretty visual too...nice. Great job on the lyrics...I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Didn't expect this musiic...sounds pretty good...vocals my bones...can clearly understand the lyrics...I was home...but little did I know...bored of you...not sure how I'm gonna stand you for a whole week. double vocal now...that works now...good vocals...good melody...good playing...yeah my clothes are second hand....lemon wiht the must be hell in your your haze...chorus...that works well...find the time if you wanted to ooh ooh oooh...fug you and your little dog and out. Again, I totally didn't expect this even after reading the lyrics. I think it came out really good. Great job on this.

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The addition of TC’s guitar transforms a super cute uke part into a real confection! I can’t get over the melodic playfulness in this, and it’s a download just because of that. It actually makes me happy! And vocal and uke tone are both lovely, and the pace is sweet and comforting. The words are quintessentially Adnama17, PC1 being the real rub. Wonderful way to transmute life’s friction into art!

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Haha, excellently sharp. I'll assume the "wine is gross" is really a bit of poetic license.

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Killer lyrics for sure.
"Golf is super dumb" lol.
I like how this is a kinda happy tune rather than angry; I can imagine a half-smile and a headshake rather than a swear word.
Lovely uke work.
Super great tune all around, folks!
I really enjoyed my listen!

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Oy some rings of familiarity. A new spin on the FUC tag for sure. Fun collab Clapping

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This is such a totally fantastic collaboration! The lyrics are really fantastic and so relatable! We just returned from vacation as well and there were those places that we avoided for the many reasons you mention. Love the sentiment, love the sound, and love the singing together on this!

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ha, fun collab, really nice to hear ya. Agree with ya on the golf... tho wine is fine, if ya ask me Smile

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this is super funny as the story talks about someone who wants peace and quiet and finds none of that hahahaha, so common dread, the melody is quite engaging and the chorus is very sing alongy, I liked it had me clapping and dancing