The Supper Club

The Supper Club

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Liner Notes: 

An unusually stripped-down recording. This was the title for the live Song Fight! event that @owl hosted recently, I couldn't go but I wanted to still submit a song for the fight and decided to do a live recording to keep in the spirits of things. Drum machine, electric guitar, vocals. Second take.

This is also the first lyric I've written in about three months? It's a bit odd.


It's said a healthy body
Leads to a healthy mind
Well look into my heart
And see what you can find
A couple of rats and some cobwebs, probably
They say keep yourself active
And you'll rest well at night
Maybe that explains the visions
When I turn off the light
Am I haunted by my own inactivity?

I dream of car crashes
Contaminated air
And losing my hair
And the food eating me
At the supper club

It's said sharing your problems
Cuts them all in two
Well I've written this song
To force them all on you
Please compile your notes and then get back to me
it's a weight off to know you're there for me
A bunch of friends who really care for me
And also scapegoats on which to place the blame, naturally

I dream of politicians
Explosions in the sky
And the sad fact
That everyone will die
And I'll wake up onstage
At the supper club

I dream of heartbreak
Some kind of global plague
And my brain turning
Desolate and vague
And the weird things that I ate
At the supper club

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love those dreams in the supper club choruses the guitar is really lovely and the melodies seem to free associate along with the lyrics, all in all, the song is a pleasing to the mind as it is to the ear.

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Yay you made it in for this fight! Also I see now I've missed a burst of musical activity from you over the weekend, will go check those out while I eat my lunch.

I love these lyrics, they are so dark and weird--the morbid dream-imagery particularly--and the sparse shimmery guitar + drum machine works really beautifully, I wouldn't have even guessed this was a live recording aside from how stripped-down the production is. Is this the new guitar?

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Mmmm..that guitar is sweet and buttery. I especially like the hammer-on bits. That chorus thingy is really super sweet in a melancholic way. The whole has the happy-sad-absurd vibe that appeals to me. You really sell it with the low-key vocal

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Write as many sets of odd lyrics as you like, because I enjoyed these a lot. There are so many wry takes on modern life here; the scapegoats line in particular made me laugh. Great, angsty fun!