asking for a friend

asking for a friend

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Liner Notes: 

For a female songwriter


what would you do if a girl asked to see you
but she put it in your locker in a note
and you could barely read the words she wrote
and the shaky writing made you think
she could hardly hold the pen?
i’m asking for a friend

what would you do if a girl wrote a letter
but she didn’t want to send it through the mail
cuz she feared that it would be another fail
so she sent it from her cell phone
and her finger took forever to hit send?
i’m asking for a friend

what would you do if a girl bought you roses
and she set them on your doorstep with a card
would the present catch you just a bit off guard?
would you call and ask her how she felt
and try real hard to comprehend?
i’m asking for a friend

what would you do if the girl wound up pregnant
cuz you told her there was no need for a glove
and you never ever even talked of love
would you run away or be a man on whom
she knew she could depend?
i wish that i…
i wish that i…
i wish that i… was asking for a friend

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Gosh this is incredible! My heart was hurting by the last. Wow!

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top class lyric. the title drew me in and the whole thing just flowed! the internal rhymes are great and the timing is spot on. crunching finale

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Really lovely, poetry, thoughtful and reflective and curious.

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Wow great storytelling. Absolutely brilliant ending. Tell me if it gets music

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Wow! This is powerful! Really thoughtfully written lyrics, Doug!

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What a surprising turn of events in your last verse! It causes a crunch to the heart. Very well written and emotive!