Sit on the Stoop

Sit on the Stoop

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Technicolor Gramophone Records: Sit on the Stoop

Liner Notes: 

A collab with my friend Chris Vesci, who is a much better guitarist than I am. I'm doing bass and vox.


Sit on the stoop
with a group
of groupers
and two state troopers
and help the state troopers
throw the groupers
back into the sea
back into the sea

Sit on the stoop
and watch F-Troop
with a rubber boot
and a cheroot
an old coot
a root
vegetable a sentinel a wrecking crew
a wrecking crew

Sit on the stoop
with a chicken coop
a bowl of soup
and a hula hoop
If you've
got smokes, dude
go ahead and light 'em
And light 'em

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billwhite51's picture

the rhythm guitar part is wild, and the solos remind me of zappa. the lyrics might seem like random rhyming, but when you get down to it, they reflect what we do when we sit on the stoop.

Aging Ophelia's picture

I think maybe you turned a Blake poem on its ass and then tossed it into a wet sound system to get this weird, wonderful lyric. Not to mention the serious supersonic groove.

coolparadiso's picture

ah this is back in the ol Techni vocal style - interesting guitar darned good. I see the Zapperishness here but there is something more pop and catchy in the underline - that intro had undertones of Hotel California

Fuzzy's picture

Great lyrics.
I'm liking the jazzy guitar - a really effective addition to your regular (awesome) style.
Good guitar sounds here.
I like the echoey vox.
Excellent job!

fresh spotless youth's picture

Damn! Y'all are hitting a seriously funky groove. If you had that dude from Primus playing bass you would push this all the way over the top. Great TG absurdity in that vocal. You guys could jam this one out all day and I'd follow along

Ferry Colyer's picture

That's a flavor that works with your vocal style too. It's really funky and the driving bpm really do lots in this. Cool!