You Don't Need an Assault Rifle

You Don't Need an Assault Rifle

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Liner Notes: 

America, the gun crazy nation. Is this what we want to be known for? Yet, I can't even have a conversation without either being threatened,
or told how stupid I am.
Assault rifles are meant for killing, and the average person doesn't need one. In the verses are actual reasons I have been told to have one.
So, here's my rant today.


You Don't Need an Assault Rifle
© 2019 Cindy Prince

You don't need one to kill 100 deer
You don't need one for feral hogs
You don't need one to protect yourself
You don't need one to kill mean dogs

The average person doesn't need
An assault rifle that makes them bleed
To watch life drain out of the dying
That leaves a whole nation crying

It's all about your fear
But you won't disappear

You don't need one if you spot a bear
You don't need one for killing quail
You don't need one to feel safe
You don't need one, so what the hell?

Repeat chorus

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benjo's picture

this is powerful

and inpactive, after my read I got the message
you do have a way with words,
another top write
with a strong centre

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This is a very serious and current topic in light of all the recent tragic shootings in the USA. The lyrics just handle it head-on and very well at that. Straight to the point with a clear message that is both emotional and reasonable.

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The other reason I've heard is, I collect guns. OK. Collect ones that aren't designed for the singular purpose of killing another person. Those are military grade, and no civilian needs them at all, period.

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Exactly, Val. One more I heard recently was that he wasn't strong enough to pull a regular trigger!

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sad subject, very good write. I wrote a new one ('thoughts and prayers (again)') about this subject as well.

You raise excellent points that sadly fall on deaf ears too often, but don't lose hope, sooner or later, hopefully (if we all stick around and vote) we'll have a more representative Congress and hopefully one day something can be done--- sad that its taken this long, of course, and we're still so far away.

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I say again from a distance without all facts i admit but its incomprehensible. Keep saying good words like these.