Irving, Sam, and Dave

Irving, Sam, and Dave

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Liner Notes: 

This is a six verse narrative story-song that was inspired by an account of a relative of someone close (I'll leave it there) This story takes place in about the early 1960's, and its a first take 'recorded on the iPhone' thing. if i redid it, i'd probably vary the music a little bit, but I like that basic bluesy shuffle thing for this as it doesn't get in the way and hopefully propels the whole thing forward.


edit- August 19- added some harmonica...


Irving’s headboard factory was failing
He told his accountant Sam I need to sell
Sam told his brother-in-law Dave the situation
Dave said I can turn this around and do well

Dave bought the factory and brought in Harry his brother
Pounded the pavement till that business was out of the red
And soon that headboard company was doing business like no other
Irving heard the news and jealousy went to his head

Irving felt the ridicule of his fellow greenies
Why couldn’t he make that factory hum
]to be bested by this kid off the boat seemed unseemly
He needed a way to make Dave look like a bum

Irving told Sam you’re going to do my bidding
And Dave’s too busy to look at the books
You can mess with the financials I’m not kidding
And when you’re done, we’re going to give some judge a look

Dave could talk the talk as well as walk it
To survive the war that’s just how you had to be
He kept another set of records in his pockets
He showed the judge it was Sam who was guilty

Irving and Sam’s conspiracy came to nothing
And Sam was estranged from the rest of the family
Dave’s headboard factory flourished
You go farther with hard work then you do with jealousy

© M. Skliar 2019

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Oh, it already started. Straight to the storytelling, that's a great way to start a song. The slightly '50s delay and acoustic rock'n'roll guitar music give lyrics a mellow and pleasant mood. Lyrics sound bittersweet, even a bit humorous, even though there might be some serious issues there. Good story and good for Dave. Hard work always pays off! Smile

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Excellent story telling and a story with a wonderful ending. I like Sam. I hope he found a better family. The rockabilly sound is a good choice for this story. It also helps to establish the time period. I like that you managed to work in a moral of the story line at the end too!

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As I was listening, I just had to read ahead in the lyrics - what a story! And this type of direct guitar/vocal storytelling is just right for a song like this.
Regarding my banjo/guitar song - one track of guitar/vocal, one track of banjo. I played a few tracks of banjo and kept the best one, which was the last one. I don't think I did any cutting and pasting of the banjo tracks. Sometimes when I record banjo like that, I wind up doubling the banjo with one more up in the mix than the other. But not on that song - all one take on banjo. More info than you needed to answer your question!