Too small refrigerator blues

Too small refrigerator blues

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Liner Notes: 

Mike--- this was an 'under 20 minute(!)' collab between me and the wonderfully talented HoppieRN, done live in the big main room at this year's Fawmstock in Delaware a week or so ago (it was in late July).

About 20-30 of us were randomly paired off and had the assignment to write something about 'a room in the house, or something in it' in 20 minutes. We decided to do a fairly basic blues structure (tho Hoppie came up with the music for the bridge) and we both wrote the lyric together.

HoppieRN is playing the piano and singing the second half of each verse, I'm singing the first half of each verse and playing blues harmonica. Crazy times- Not any kind of serious song, but was great fun to do...

recorded live just after we wrote it, in that big room with everyone else working on songs all around us, as you can hear...


(We wrote em down but I can't find the paper, you'll have to listen)

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What a fun song! And fun doing it. That’s awesome! Really digging the Blues progression on the piano, the harmonica with the piano isn’t working for me. Maybe a break without the piano and just the harmonica? Just a thought.

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Frigidaire. My grandma used to call it that. I remember not having a clue what she was talking about. Fun tune. Love the blues! Gotta throw some of those veggies and other stuff out if you have no beer room.

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Sounds like a first world problem...
Hilarious lyrics for sure.
I like the walking blues form.
Nice bridge.
I'm enjoying the interaction between the harmonica and the piano.
I'm also enjoying the "live" vibe with the talking in the background.
Really great ending with the laugh and all.

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This song is so great. I remember when all I had in the fridge were condiments and beer... there was always that thing of catchup that had separated the water from the tomato paste portion. That's some kickass harmonica/piano jamming! She mostly hods down the bass at the beginning but really branches out with the right hand later in the song it sounds like. You all got a much better recording that I did using my Tascam thingy; I'm gonna have to try whatever you were using!